About Us

Aerocare Ambulance is highly dedicated, reliable and experienced air ambulance service provider in India. Ours is an Emergency and Rescue Company.

We operate Air Ambulance services within India ,United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

We offer air repatriation service to critically ill patients with exceptional end-to-end care. We ensure you the secure and safest shifting services to medical centers across India. Our experienced team of doctors and paramedics offer coordinated medical transfer worldwide with utmost care. We offer medical air ambulance services to patients who requires medical assistance while repatriation. We are fully licensed and insured ambulance services in Chennai with large fleet of charterer planes, choppers and jetliners with state -of-the art medical equipment and escort service.

We also provide services of escorting critically ill patients in commercial airlines . We obtain medical clearance from airlines, arrange stretcher in commercial airlines, arrange medical equipments such as ventilator, monitor, suction, syringe pumps, arrange medical team.

We also promote medical tourism by assisting international patients choose a hospital of their choice, collect medical reports, arrange bed to bed transfer from country of origin to India , arrange accommodation in India.

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