Air Ambulance Service In Dhaka

Healthcare is very crucial as it is a person’s life on the line. You require reliable and quick responders to ensure that the patient gets all the medical assistance within the shortest time possible.

AeroCare has been a provider of efficient air ambulance service in Dhaka for many years now. Our experienced team of doctors and healthcare professionals is always up to the task of rendering critical support and medical treatment on air. 

AeroCare has been serving many critical patients for over 7 years. Our only aim from day one is to provide flawless service to quickly transfer patients who need immediate medical assistance.

We have established strong connections across the world to charter private flights, jetliners, and choppers for swift patient care. AeroCare believes every second in healthcare is very precious. With our fleet of air ambulance in Dhaka, we can provide instant transportation for critical patients. 

The patient will be in safe hands right from the time they are picked up from the hospital or his/her place of residence. AeroCare has experienced healthcare professionals around the world who follow the best practices to provide adequate treatment while the patient is on board. Because of our commitment and tireless effort, we are able to provide the best air ambulance service in Dhaka.

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Upgraded Air Ambulance Services

All our air ambulance Dhaka is equipped with the latest patient care facilities to administer medical assistance for patients on board. We have King Air 200 and Learjet 40 Air Ambulances that can operate from short to long-range. Because of this, we are able to access remote locations to pick up the patient. AeroCare’s air ambulances have everything found in the Intensive Care Unit of hospitals. Therefore, it becomes easy for our team to constantly monitor the patient until the transfer to another medical facility is completed. You can completely trust our team with bedside-to-bedside services.

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Why do you need AeroCare?

If a patient needs immediate treatment, then there should not be any delays in getting the medical attention. However, a road ambulance may not be enough to support the transfer of the patient to an advanced treatment facility. Therefore, air transport is the only viable option. But this will also pose some challenges if you handle everything by yourself. That is when you need the assistance of AeroCare’s air ambulance in Dhaka.

  • We provide bedside-to-bedside services at affordable costs
  • Patients get special care and attention from competent healthcare experts
  • Integrated communication between road and air transport to facilitate the quick and reliable transfer
  • Around the clock support team
  • Swift completion of all medical clearance and other compliances with the airport authorities
  • Safe and secure transfer to another hospital of your choice

Get in touch with AeroCare for medical escort, commercial airlines stretcher, medevac, bedside-to-bedside, and a whole range of other air ambulance service in Dhaka.

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Where do we operate from?

Chennai Airport

Chennai International Airport is 21 km from the center of the city at Tirusulam. This airport is known to be the sixth busiest airport in India and the 49th busiest airport in Asia. It is also reflected in the number of passengers in the year 2021 totaling 5.49 million travelers. This is also the first airport in India that has both domestic and international terminals close to each other.

The airport has a total area of 1323 acres where it hosts three terminals. Terminal 1 in Meenambakkam is used for cargo while Terminal 2 & 3 in Tirusulam are used for domestic and international flights respectively

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