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March 10, 2021
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Air Ambulance Service in Bangalore |AeroCare

Air Ambulance Service in Bangalore


Air Ambulance Bangalore

What is An Air Ambulance

An air ambulance is an aircraft that is modified to offer emergency medical services on board. Air ambulances are popular and useful because they are able to reach remote locations, mountainous regions and places that lack medical facilities. In such areas, lifting patients by air is a feasible option.


Emergencies can occur at any time and they do not always happen in areas accessible by road. The capability of an air ambulance to reach inaccessible areas makes it indispensable during emergencies. Saving time is essential when it comes to saving lives. If you or your loved one is in need of an air ambulance Bangalore, you can contact a reputable air ambulance flight provider such as Aero Care . Our firm delivers time saving solutions. We give patients the fastest means to medical help.

Facilities Available in Air Ambulance

Our air ambulances are well equipped to provide medical assistance. Some of the equipment available in our air ambulances includes stretchers, ECGs, monitoring equipment and ventilators. By using an air ambulance Bangalore, patients can begin receiving treatment right away. Patients who are evacuated through air ambulances are said to be treated under medical evacuation.


Medical air transport is sensitive in nature and needs to be carried out by a service that guarantees reliability, precision and confidence. Aero care aims to provide speedy and high quality air lifting services to patients who need emergency medical help. We serve patients in Bangalore and other parts of Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. Our firm arranges air medical transportation using commercial jets and fixed wing aircraft.

Some of services that you can get from Aero care include specialized air transfer, ground transport and assistance from skilled physicians and nurses. Our physicians are experienced in repatriating patients all over the world. Our medical personnel provide patients with the necessary treatment. At Aerocare, we assure patients of qualified medical care on board. Therefore, our clients do not have to make any separate arrangements for medical care.

Types of Air Craft used as Air Ambulance in India

Our air ambulances offer total security and safety while making sure that the needs of patients are met. The interiors of our aircraft are spacious. We have a fleet of aircraft such as the Lear Jet 45, King Air 350, Pilatus PC 12, King Air 200

Commercial Air Lines Stretcher Service

On commercial airlines, Aerocare transports patients using the international stretcher service. We arrange for the needed medial equipment and staff when using commercial airlines. Therefore, you are guaranteed of high quality medical services regardless of whether you use our air ambulances or our commercial airline stretcher services.

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When using an air ambulance, it is important to have a flight coordinator assigned to you to you you. One of the things that the flight coordinator does is giving patients a complete image of the services being provided. Our flight coordinators are qualified enough to answer any questions that clients ask and accommodate the special needs they specify.

Before availing air ambulance services, we provide our clients with a written proposal. It is important to verify that all costs are included in the proposal. If you have a particular preference in payment options such as paying through cheques, credit cards or debit cards, you can let us know. Aerocare  has a track record of life saving evacuations. We can assist you any time you need an air ambulance Bangalore.

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